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Ultimatum Design  20.02.2019

Maison Vika

Maison Vika. Corporate identity.


Neste Stopp

Neste Stopp is an established clothing chain with 23 stores in Norway. New stores are opening soon. Ultimatum Design developed their new visual identity. [See more]


Ferner Jacobsen

The individual units within the Ferner Jacobsen group are well known stores where quality and service are integral factors in their success. Website and graphics! [See more]


Design is one of the most important elements in building an identity.

Within Ultimatum Design's wide range of expertise, we are proud to say design is one of our strongest areas, whether creating a company's visual identity, their website or communication design.

Being a smaller design agency allows Ultimatum Design to build and maintain a unique client relationship that is hard to find elsewhere. Our focus is always on the project at hand. By working with trusted and reliable partners, as well as involving the client throughout the entire process, we can ensure the highest quality of work.